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Abus Pedelec 2.0 ACE Helmet

The best helmet for electric scooters and e-bikes

The Abus Pedelec 2.0 ACE helmet for electric scooters and e-bikes unites innovation and design at the highest levels of safety, to offer us a product of a quality superior to the rest.

An innovative helmet , German-made, which meets the highest safety standards. Protecting your life is the most important thing.

✅ We are facing the safest helmet of all urban helmets, with < strong>double certification: the CE and the NTA 8776 for speeds of up to 45 km/h, also being the one that offers us a greatest degree of technological innovation, together with a unique and truly attractive design, and an ultra light weight.

✅ Manufactured by the prestigious German brand Abus, world leader in safety, the helmet Pedelec 2.0 ACE, is the most suitable recommended for use with your e-scooter, since it meets the high safety requirements of the big city, in addition to being equipped with innovations and extras that we do not find in other helmets of other brands and models, and they are very interesting for an e-rider:

Special Features

Deep< /strong> nape area, which offers special protection to the wearer.< /p>

C< /strong>rain protection cover, which can be quickly placed over the helmet when the first drops fall, and that is perfectly collected and integrated into the back of the helmet.

L< /strong>especially bright rechargeable light and the interchangeable visor offer additional passive protection. The visor is not only recommended on windy or cold days, but also in summer with mosquitoes, and due to the speed, it is not that it is recommended, it is that it is almost essential.

W< /strong>interkit, the ear pads that serve to protect us from the cold in winter, and that we can remove when we don't need it.

NTA 8776: Endowed with the Dutch certification for speed bikes that guarantees protection up to 45 km /h, being approved for mopeds in this country. In addition to having CE certification.

INMOLD manufacturing technology,providing a perfect union and greater resistance to impact. It also offers a light and stable design thanks to the durable union of the EPS and the polycarbonate shell

Excellent ventilation,has 4 inputs air and 9 outlet connected by internal air channels

System with air cooling technology: innovative ventilation system with deep and compact airflow channels

Large and very well positioned LED taillight,with 180° visibility

Protection< /strong> of the lower edges:additionally protects the helmet from external aggressions



✓ Perimeter: 52-57 cm

✓ Weight:410 gr


✓ Perimeter: 56-52 cm

✓ Weight:430 gr