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Battery 48V - 13-5AH |Mercane FORCE E-Scooter

Original replacement of the removable battery for the Mercane FORCE electric scooter, in its two versions: Dual and Single Motor. It is an original spare part, manufactured exclusively for this model.

In addition to being a spare in case of need for replacement, you can purchase a second battery to take on your routes and make long-distance journeys.

Manufactured with high discharge capacity FST 18650 Lithium Ion cells that offer a total of 648 W/h capacity.

✓ This innovative removable battery comes completely sealed, inside a rigid casing that protects it against any impact, and most importantly: against the penetration of water, humidity and dust. In this way, both the batteries and the BMS electronic board that it incorporates will be completely protected and a long useful life for your battery will be ensured.

✓ In addition, it has a practical carrying handle, electronic safety lock (to be able to remove it from the e-scooter it is necessary to have this on and press the M button for 3 seconds), and dual charging port.

If you connect two chargers, it is possible to reduce the charging time by 50%.

✓ This battery pack has been manufactured with cells of the highest quality in order to offer a high discharge capacity, and thus obtain the maximum output power, as well as offer more than 1000 charge cycles,compared to 300 charge cycles of conventional cells.


FST 18650 | 2500mAh - 3.7V
Nominal Tension
Nominal Capacity
13.5 Ah
Rated Working Current
15 A
Maximum Continuous Current
Load Voltage
54.6 V
Overvoltage Discharge Protection
40 V
Standard Charge Current
2 A
Maximum Load Current
4 A
Over Current Protection
40 A
Size (mm)

Use Temperatures:

  • Use temperature: -20ºC-40ºC
  • Storage temperature: -20ºC-35ºC
  • Charging temperature: 0ºC-45ºC