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Motor Controller | ORNO Dual Motor

The motor controller of the ORNO Dual Motor electric scooter is an original part manufactured exclusively for this model.

In addition, there are two engine drivers, one for each of the engines:

  • rear motor controller, or main controller: it is responsible for powering the rear motor and the main functions of the scooter
  • front motor controller, or secondary controller: which manages the front motor and the electronic brake.

Technical Parameters

  • Voltage: 48V
  • Min. Voltage: 40V
  • Max. Current: 15A
  • Brake level: EABS

Technical Assistance Service

If you are an Ecosmart Riders customer, you can hire our technical service to install the controller(s), for which you can obtain more information through the following link:


We remind you that you can trust the quality of the product, since all our products are 100% original and supplied directly by the manufacturer, and specific to the devices indicated.< /p>