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Motor Controller | Mercane WideWheel Pro Dual Motor

Motor controller for Mercane WideWheel Pro electric scooter. Original spare part manufactured exclusively for this e-scooter model.< br>

The Mercane WideWheel Pro equips two motor controllers, one for each of its motors:

  • rear motor controller, or main controller: it is responsible for powering the rear motor and the main functions of the scooter
  • front motor controller, or secondary controller: which manages the front motor.

Technical Parameters

  • Voltage: 48V
  • Min. Voltage: 40V
  • Max. Current: 15A

If you are an Ecosmart Riders customer, you can hire our technical service to install the controller(s), for which you can obtain more information through the following link:

Technical Service

We remind you that you can trust the quality of the product, since all our products are 100% original and supplied directly by the manufacturer, and specific to the devices indicated.< /p>