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- Riding to the Future -

We present the new and absolutely disruptive urban electric scooter, premium range, ORNO. Innovation and the most attractive design combined in one of the most powerful urban scooters, as well as being the safest and most stable.
A new development of the most avant-garde Korean engineering, which succeeds the legendary Mercane WideWheel Pro, and incorporates advances never seen before; how the new super wide 12 cm wheels, the ips led display, the eva rubber platform, its beautiful wheel trims in the shape of circles, or its also new, powerful and efficient motors (the most powerful and efficient within its power range).

Ecosmart Riders™, is the exclusive importer and distributor for all of Europe of the new ORNO, and having participated in its development, it is the first company in the world to launch it on the market.


Defying all conventions

Under a spectacular design, inspired by high-end sports cars and the most avant-garde design, we find ourselves before the most powerful, safe, and stable urban electric scooter that has ever been built. Equipped with premium qualities down to the smallest detail, to satisfy the most demanding public. The ORNO proudly exhibits that touch of style, sportiness, and elegance that make Mercane's designs unique.

Another milestone of Korean Engineering, and a true work of art of the new electric micromobility.

The most advanced technology in its class. Exclusivity in its components

All important components of this new e-scooter are designed and produced by and for this e-scooter (as well as for the FORCE), so you won't see them on other brand scooters. Starting with the new and powerful Mercane motors (the most powerful and efficient in this power range), new controllers, smart display led ips... or the new super wide solid wheels that accentuate its unique and innovative style.

Discover everything the new Neozin Orno has to offer, and what makes this marvel of Korean engineering unique.

Special Features

Avant-garde Design : The ORNO will not go unnoticed wherever it goes, as its design is simply spectacular. The shapes, the color (available in black and white), its sporty and avant-garde curved lines... To accentuate its innovative aesthetic, ABS trims with circular shapes have been placed on both sides of its extra wide and curved wheels, that look amazing.

New Mercane Engines: The tests in certified laboratories leave no room to doubts These motors are the most powerful and efficient (90%) that have been manufactured to date, surpassing even the mythical Mercane WideWheel Pro. Thanks to them, with less nominal power, more maximum power (output power) and more force are achieved. / engine torque. And this, taking into account possible power limitations (the nominal power would be limited) in the near future, is always a great advantage.

Premium quality details:The Neozin Orno incorporates the new engines, the new controllers and Mercane electronics. This in itself places it at the top of the top in terms of quality, since Mercane is a Korean manufacturer, whose greatest differential value is its engineering and the R&D that it incorporates into all its devices.

But apart from this, the Orno hides other small quality details:

Like for example the non-slip protective cover, made of food-grade EVA rubber (the best quality on the market).Forget the old classic non-slip adhesive covers that get so ugly... now, apart from having a better grip, the Mercane Force will look like new with just a wipe.

Other details are the new anti-glare color IPS LED display, compared to conventional LCDs, or the design rear light that now incorporates COB LED technology.

More Security, Less Maintenance. In the safety section, improvements have been incorporated compared to previous models, with a drum brake that has incredible braking power, and that does not require adjustments and maintenance. This will avoid the problems that some users had with disc brakes, when they get out of adjustment and you have to carry out tensioning operations, adjust the brake caliper, and/or change the brake pads.

Safe and Fast Folding System.Based on the Mercane WideWheel Pro folding system, which has given such good results and offers so much security (it is patented by Mercane), a new faster closure has been incorporated so that folding your e-scooter is just a matter 2 seconds!

Technical Sheet

Hubless Motor 800W maximum power output (400W nominal power) | 36 NM engine torque

Battery Lithium Ion 48V - 13.5 AH
Load Time

5 hours normal charge

Speed Maximum Speed ​​25 Km/h (limited) | 35 - 40 km/h (without limiter)
Scope ≤ 50 Km (Eco Mode) | ≤ 30 Km (Power Mode) | 35 - 40 Km (Mixed Driving)
Upload Capacity 15 - 20º (Depending on weight)

New 9" diameter x 12 cm wide solid tires.

Manufactured using a special compound based on a polyurethane filler and other compounds, they provide comfort and grip superior to any other solid wheel.

Brakes Powerful latest generation rear drum brake (more efficient mechanical disc brake) + front electronic brake

Double 3W Led spotlight

Red rear light with COB Led technology. It flashes when you apply the brake.


New color LED screen to control all the parameters (speed, battery, kms, choice of speed modes, etc.).


Ultra resistant structure. Made of Low Pressure Cast Aluminum Alloy 6061 Aerospace Grade.

Water Resistance

Resistance to water, dust and humidity IP54


Unfolded: 110 x 49 x 114 cm

Folded:110 x 49 x 43 cm

Box: 115 x 51 x 25 cm


20 Kg net weight

Carrying Capacity

100 Kg maximum recommended load


The new ORNO inaugurates a new concept of urban - all round - electric scooter, to meet the needs of urban mobility in the immediate future.

The challenge for the Mercane engineers was to develop the best urban electric scooter. A powerful, sporty, elegant machine capable of offering an unprecedented driving experience. And this is the result:

The fastest and most powerful scooter in the city

The Orno is capable of delivering 900W of maximum power in the Single Motor version , and 1800W in Dual Motor version. With a top speed (without limiter) of 45 km/h.

The most comfortable and stable

Thanks to its unique wheels, with a curved design, and dimensions of 9" in diameter and 12 cm wide , its stability is comparable to that of a conventional scooter.It also has a platform long enough to travel comfortably.

Maximum safety

Equipped with a double led spotlight 3W power front, COB LED rear light resistant to water with high light output with braking indication, a powerful drum brake (superior to mechanical disc brake), and electronic brake.And a folding system that does not offer any kind of vibrations.

Great Portability

The ORNO maintains the perfect balance between weight and performance, being a very portable e-scooter. scooters of similar power, which are much heavier and have worse folding options, the ORNO only weighs 22 Kg (Single Motor) or 24 Kg (Dual Motor); and you can also fold it easily. nte (including the handlebar), to transport it comfortably. On the contrary, other lighter e-scooters no longer offer the same resistance or the same benefits.

Innovative Design

Inspired by luxury sports cars, and in the most avant-garde lines, the ORNO will not go unnoticed. A mixture of technology and elegance, which exudes good taste. Designed by Mercane™ Korea.

More Powerful and Efficient Engines

The new ORNO is equipped with the same Mercane engines as its older brother, the FORCE, which will mark a before and after in e-mobility.

The figures, taken in a certified technical testing laboratory, position these engines as the most powerful and efficient ever built in their power range.

Premium Quality Materials

From the frame, and the whole structure made of 6061 low-pressure die-cast aluminum alloy (the most resistant), to the motors, controllers, and all the electronics, the ORNO exudes quality on all four sides.

A sample is the new anti-slip protective cover that protects the platform. It is a 3D corrugated design, made of food grade EVA silicone gel, the highest quality in the industry.

A Display like your Smartphone

La nueva pantalla del ORNO incorpora la tecnología LED IPS, es a todo color, y lo más importante, tiene un alto nivel de visibilidad.

La mayoría de los fabricantes siguen apostando por pantallas LCD simples, para abaratar los costes.

Ergonomic Design Handgrips

The ORNO launches new handgrips, with a more ergonomic design combined with an anti-slip texture, without sacrificing aesthetics.

Powerful, Sporty and Compact!

We have designed the most powerful urban e-scooter that has been created to date, maintaining compact dimensions, and great portability. So that you can take it everywhere in the trunk of your car when you travel, when you go to have a drink on a terrace... and so that you have it in your office, and store it anywhere without taking up space.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gama alta

Vengo de un Ruima mini pro 4, y debido a que su amortiguación era horrible, freno que tuve sustos por la poca capacidad de frenado, y la poca tracción porque con lluvia patinaba), quise ir hacia la alta gama, para lo cual topé con este Orno.
- Buena capacidad de frenado.
- Bonito (la gente por la calle a veces se queda mirando), e incluso la estética del patinete te invita a comprar los accesorios a juego (compré un casco blanco y un timbre blanco).
- La aceleración del single motor roza el suspenso, mientras que la del dual motor es de notable alto. Ojo a esto, porque tras probar el single motor vi clarísimo que debía actualizar a dual motor (que por suerte el soporte técnico ahí un 10). Mi recomendación en este sentido es ir directamente al dual motor, ya que el single motor da la sensación de "motor gripado".
- Importante quitarle el modo de empujar el patinete que trae por defecto, para que sólo con el acelerador sea suficiente para arrancarlo (hay instrucciones para ello).
- De peso, esperaba que al cogerlo a pulso pesara más (que sí, pesa), pero es sobrellevable si se está mínimamente en forma.
- El plegado no se pliega el manillar por completo, lo cual es un punto negativo respecto a otros cuyo manillar se pliega completamente tanto en horizontal como en vertical. En este caso solo se pliega verticalmente (como por ej, los Xiaomi).
- La función de velocidad de crucero es complicada de emplear (porque exige 10 seg a la misma velocidad), con lo que salvo que se limite la velocidad y se vaya a ese máximo (22km/h) normalmente no salta el crucero.
- El ancho de las ruedas se nota en la forma de tomar las curvas, ya que permite mayor inclinación del cuerpo, dando sensación de seguridad al girarlas. También quita ese 'miedo' a que si hay un pequeno socavón o algún chino medio gordo por el camino, ya no haya que hacer una maniobra express de esquiva. Pasas por encima y listo.
- La amortiguación por el ancho de rueda se nota en pequenos baches, mientras que en los mas grandes, se nota el bache. Digamos que es o blanco o negro, no es una amortiguación lineal. No obstante mi patinete anterior tenia suspensión trasera y ruedas macizas, y el Orno amortigua mejor sin tener ni una ni otra. Donde más noto la diferencia entre ambos, es en calzadas del casco viejo de la ciudad, que es de empedrado antiguo y que con el anterior patinete era intransitable, y aquí si puedo cruzarlo.
- Mejor agarre en pista deslizante que mi anterior patinete. Ojo al dual motor, que dos motores significa tracción a las dos ruedas ergo es doble agarre.
- El patinete tiene una ruleta para ajustar el manillar (que se aprieta con la mano) y que normalmente habrá que girarla un poco antes de cada uso para asegurar que esta firmemente agarrado. En este sentido no veo por que está así de fábrica, para futuros modelos podrían omitir el que este paso fuese necesario.
- Tiene diversos utensilios (comprables aparte) para modificar la combinacion de colores base. En mi caso me gustaba la combinación original (blanco, con tapacubos negros), pero para quien le guste las mezclas, puede ser un punto interesante, sobre todo si a vuestro casco le pensáis poner cinta reflectante de colores chillones.
- La batería tiene una medición "extrana", ya que si bien dura bastante, es como si no la calculase bien. Pasa muchísimo tiempo en "rellena" y cuando baja 1 barra, el resto de barras bajan mucho más rápido que lo que tardo en irse la primera. Normalmente recargo la batería una vez a la semana, estando en ese sentido a la par con mi ex-Ruima (pese a que este trae 2 motores, con lo que se supone debería gastar más). Entiendo que las frenadas regenerativas compensan el gasto adicional del segundo motor.
- Las luces son preciosas. Si bien la frontal es "normal" la línea roja de atrás es preciosa, y parpadea al frenar.

NOTA: Lo he conducido también bajo lluvia ligera, y sin problemas.

- Estetica: 10
- Conducción: 9
- Aceleración: 8
- Frenado: 9
- Batería 10

A mejorar:
- Sistema de plegado (tanto en vertical sin ruleta, como en horizontal)
- Medición de la batería más fiable
- Una velocidad de crucero más "amigable" de entrar en escena
- Memoria del último modo empleado (que no haya que encender luces y pasar de eco a pro cada vez que se enciende ni reencender el crucero).

Merece la pena la compra?
Si buscáis un alta gama, sí

Sin palabras!! Brillante reseña. Digna de ser publicada en cualquier web especializada de e-scooters. Contenido de calidad, entrando a valorar cada uno de los apartados más importantes del patinete, desde tu propia experiencia personal (lo más importante).

El Equipo de Ecosmart Riders™

Jonathan A.
Punto Positivo para Orno

Hola , me a gustado este scooter , la verdad esque su diseño y su erodinami son geniales y ni hables de su potencia que es una maravilla, no hay que descartar el diseño de las llantas que están estupendamente geniales y hacen que tengamos un equilibrio maravilloso. En pocas palabras es un scooter maravilloso que estoy muy satisfecho por verlo comprado .

Perfecto lo qué esperaba

En dual motor va de maravilla potencia a tope:muscle::skin-tone-2: