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Mercane FORCE 2.0

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- The Ultimate Riding Experience -

The new Mercane Force 2.0 is not another electric scooter, it is a true premium SUV of the new electric micromobility, which defies all conventions. Cutting-edge Korean engineering that follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the legendary WideWheel Pro, improving its performance and equipping it with exclusive details such as its removable battery with double charging port, or its new extra-wide 10" solid tires (10 cm).

Two versions available

⚙️ Dual Motor: 800W Nominal Power | 1800W Maximum Power | 72 Nm Motor Torque
Maximum speed (without limiter): 50 km/h
Grade capacity: 35º


⚙️ Single Motor: 500W Nominal Power | 1200W Maximum Power | 42Nm Engine Torque.
Maximum Speed ​​(without limiter): 40 km/h
Climbing capacity: 25º

*Real data from tests carried out by Ecosmart Riders.

The dual motor version is the one with the best performance thanks to the increase in power offered by the two motors, and the double traction on both wheels. It is also the most powerful scooter with the highest torque in its power range (800-100W nominal power).

Upgraded Version 2.0

Mercane FORCE 2.0 | Deluxe E-Scooter | Ecosmart Riders™



  • New braking system with double mechanical brake, compared to the first version that included a rear mechanical brake and a front electronic brake. It has been possible to significantly increase the braking power and stop it in about 3 m at 25 km/h (the average is around 5 m).
  • New rear fender. For this, it has been given greater rigidity, increasing its thickness and quality through the use of an ABS and polycarbonate alloy.




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Special Features

Strength Without Equal : Living up to its name, the FORCE is strength in its purest form. The new Mercane engines outperform even the legendary WideWheel Pro, and are unrivaled in their range. The FORCE can only be overcome with much larger scooters.

⚙️ ⚙️ FORCE Dual Motor 800W nominal power, with a maximum power of 1800W and a torque of 72 Nm.

⚙️ FORCE Single Motor 500W nominal power, with 1200W maximum power, and 42Nm of torque.

This is something really amazing, that no one today has managed to achieve in engines with these characteristics.

The best Battery for an E-Scooter:Eremovable, portable, and with double charging port (fast charge in 2.5 hours by connecting two chargers).

A true premium SUV, within the electric scooters.Thanks to its double front suspension, and the rear suspension (located under the platform), as well as its new solid 10" wheels, the new FORCE is suitable for all types of terrain.

The quality details that make the difference . The Mercane Force is built with the best materials, the best electronics, the best engines and s, a unique and exclusive design... and a premium level of finish in every little detail.

More Security, Less Maintenance. In the safety section, improvements have been incorporated, with a braking system with a powerful rear mechanical brake and front electronic brake, which improve the efficiency of conventional disc brakes and do not get out of adjustment like these.

Safe and Fast Folding System.The Mercane Force folding system is patented, and unlike other well-known brands, it has proven to be absolutely reliable.

Technical Sheet

New Engines > 90% Efficiency

Dual Motor Version: 800W Nominal Power - 1800W Maximum Power | 72Nm Torque

Single Motor Version: 500W Nominal Power - 1200W Maximum Power | 42Nm Torque


New Removable High Performance Battery

Lithium Ion 48V - 13.5 AH

Double Charging Port and Electronic Lock

≥ 1000 charging cycles

Load Time

5 hours normal charge

2.5 hours fast charge (dual charging port)

Max Speed

Dual Engine: 50 Km/h*

Single Motor: 40 Km/h*

*Limited to 25 km/h in both factory versions to comply with current regulations. Instructions are sent to Ecosmart Riders™ customers to enable unlimited mode in private areas.


50 Km ECO Mode

30-35 Km POWER mode

40-45 Km Mixed Mode (ECO and POWER)

Upload Capacity

Dual Motor version: 35º slope

Single Motor: 25º slope


New 10" diameter x 10 cm wide extra wide solid tires.

Manufactured using a special compound based on a polyurethane filler and other compounds. They provide comfort and grip superior to any other solid wheel.

Hangs Double front shock absorber, integrated in the column, and rear shock absorber under the platform.
Brakes Powerful and progressive double mechanical drum brake. Easily adjustable to tailor power to preference.

Double 3W Led spotlight

Red rear light with COB Led technology. It flashes when you apply the brake.


New color LED screen to control all the parameters (speed, battery, kms, choice of speed modes, etc.).


Ultra resistant structure. Made of Low Pressure Cast Aluminum Alloy 6061 Aerospace Grade.

Water Resistance



115 x 12 x 50 cm

115 x 50 x 50 cm Folded

123 x 55 x 27 cm Box


30 Kg Single Motor

31 Kg Dual Motor

Carrying Capacity


Shipping Information
All orders are shipped from our logistics warehouse (Spain). They are prepared the same day of receiving the order, or the next (business) day, and are sent through our express parcel services with the Different shipping times:

✓ Peninsular Spain: 24-48 hours
✓ Rest of Europe: 3-5 days


The Force is the new pearl of the Korean manufacturer Mercane, a commitment to R&D and the most avant-garde and refined design.

Although in the current market we find many brands of e-scooters , more than 90% come from standard designs, and their quality and performance are also very limited.

We find low-power urban scooters, and others with a markedly off-road aesthetic. But the Mercane Force offers a unique concept and different from the rest.

Urban, Crossover, All Terrain Scooter... What type of electric scooter is the Force?

The FORCE would be the perfect equivalent in the automotive industry to the most stylish and sporty high-end SUVs, such as the X series from BMW, LEXUS, or AUDI. This is a premium e-scooter, with a unique design, and elegant aesthetic lines as well as sporty, which accentuate its exclusive character.

Endowed with enormous power, and with the ability to move perfectly on almost any type of terrain, the new Force is a true micromobility suv. And it will also provide the highest level of satisfaction to whoever has the pleasure of driving it.


The new FORCE, to honour its name, is the true "Force" of the new micromobility. An incombustible force produced by the new Mercane™ engines, which will mark a before and after.

The figures, taken in a certified technical testing laboratory, position these engines as the most powerful and efficient ever built in their power range.

And here are the record data :

⚙️ FORCE Single Motor: A motor with 500W of nominal power, and 1200W of maximum power. Maximum speed without limiter: 45 km/h.

⚙️ ⚙️ FORCE Dual Motor: Two 400W motors, with a total of 800W of nominal power, and 1,800W of maximum output power. Maximum speed without limiter: 50 km/h

It is the most powerful electric scooter in its category, with incredible acceleration and tested with 120 people. Kg climbing slopes of more than 30º without problems.

Style, Elegance, and Sportiness

Its curved and refined lines, inspired by sports cars and high-end SUVs such as Audi, Lexus, or BMW, cause a strong impact at first sight. And they denote exclusivity.

Now its design rear light incorporates COB LED technology, more powerful and bright. And water resistant.

Anticipating the Future of E-Mobility

The new FORCE removable battery has an electronic lock that is activated by the display so that it can be removed. And it also has fast charging through a double charging port, and IPX5 water protection. You can take it wherever you want and charge it at any mains plug.

It is a clear commitment to innovation, and the future of emobility.

Like the one on your Smartphone

La nueva pantalla del FORCE incorpora la tecnología LED IPS, es a todo color, y lo más importante, tiene un nivel de visibilidad 2 veces superior a una LCD convencional.

La mayoría de fabricantes siguen apostando por pantallas simples LCD, que ya están obsoletas.

Double Front Suspension + Rear Suspension

Equipado para poder ofrecer un excelente comportamiento en ciudad, pudiendo subir bordillos o bajar escaleras con facilidad, así como en vías verdes, terrenos sin asfaltar, caminos irregulares, etc.

Ergonomic Design Handgrips

El Force estrena nuevos puños, con un diseño más ergonómico unido a una textura ante deslizante, sin renunciar a la estética.

Customer Reviews

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Bello e di qualità

Come da titolo. Non so solo come si toglie im limitatore di velocità. Qualcuna sa dirmelo ?!?

Luca S.
Ottimo servizio

Veloci, precisi, disponibili e assolutamente preparati.
Non c’è motivo di scegliere altri canali.

Bravi! :rocket:

Francisco G.
Servicio al cliente espectacular

Encantado con el servicio al cliente, personalizado y personal, directo, resuelven todas las dudas al instante. El patinete es perfecto tiene mucha fuerza y las pocas cuestas en las que lo hemos probado va de cine, algo pesado pero lo compensa por su calidad

A pleasure to work with

I am a UK user who took a small chance purchasing the beautiful looking new mercane force Scooter from eco smart riders. The Scooter, so far is as expected, however the service by eco smart I can only applaud. They have been nothing less than brilliant during the purchasing process. I highly recommend.

Jose M.
Rápido y ligero

Me ha sorprendido mucho este patinete elÃ:copyright:ctrico, muy rápido y ligero. Muy atentos el servicio de atención al cliente. El transporte se retrasó y no llegó el día de noche buena.