The Most Exclusive & Powerful Dual & Single Motor E-Scooters

100% Original Spare Parts & Accesories



Special Features

✓ Avant-garde and innovative design

Powerful next-generation engines, with more than 90% efficiency and the highest output ower (and torque) in its range of power.

✓ Premium quality in every little detail

✓ 6061 T6 aluminum alloy construction

✓ Water Resistance IPX5

Technical Specifications

New Engines > 90% Efficiency

Dual Motor Version: 800W Nominal Power - 1800W Maximum Power

Single Motor Version: 400W Nominal Power - 800W Maximum Power

Battery Lithium Ion 48V - 13.5 AH
Load Time

5 hours normal charge


Dual Engine: 45 Km/h

Single Motor: 35 Km/h*

* Maximum speed without limiter. The maximum speed with limiter activated is 25 km/h.

Scope ≤ 50 Km (Eco Mode) | ≤ 30 Km (Power Mode) | 35 - 40 Km (Mixed Driving)
Upload Capacity

Dual Motor ≤ 35º

Single Motor ≤ 25º


New 9" diameter x 12 cm wide solid tires.

Manufactured using a special compound based on a polyurethane filler and other compounds, they provide comfort and grip superior to any other solid wheel.

Brakes Powerful latest generation rear drum brake (more efficient mechanical disc brake) + front electronic brake

Double 3W Led spotlight

Red rear light with COB Led technology. It flashes when you apply the brake.


New color LED screen to control all the parameters (speed, battery, kms, choice of speed modes, etc.).


Ultra resistant structure. Made of Low Pressure Cast Aluminum Alloy 6061 Aerospace Grade.

Water Resistance

Resistance to water, dust and humidity IPX5


Unfolded: 110 x 49 x 114 cm

Folded:110 x 49 x 43 cm

Box: 115 x 51 x 25 cm


Single Motor: 22 Kg

Dual Engine: 24 Kg

Load Capacity

Dual Engine: 120 Kg

Single Motor: 100 Kg

Shipping Information

All orders will be shipped directly from our factory, with the following shipping times.

Standard Shipping | Delivery time 30 days
✓ Express Shipping | Delivery time 15 days

✓ The shipping zones are the European Union and the United Kingdom. Other destinations consult our service department before ordering to the client



The ORNO MAX Dual Motor is the new upgraded version of the most powerful and innovative urban scooter on the market, the ORNO, and also a higher range because it incorporates new elements that give it extra quality. A premium e-scooter with an spectacular design. Fruit of the collaboration between the team of Korean engineers from Mercane™ and Ecosmart Riders™. Imported and distributed exclusively by Ecosmart Riders™ throughout Europe.

Intended for an elegant and demanding urban public, who is looking for a scooter that is different from the rest, the ORNO MAX is endowed with incredible power that you will not find in no other scooter in its category (it is a dual motor equipped with the most powerful and efficient motors); while offering an unprecedented driving experience thanks to its 12 cm extra-wide wheels, unique and patented exclusively for this model, and the double front suspension. This unique scooter on the market offers the same stability as any scooter-type motorcycle, and a feeling of maximum safety. It is also capable of climbing any slope no matter how steep it may be, and offers acceleration much higher than any urban scooter, becoming a true asphalt sports car.

In terms of regulations, in addition to having the CE certificate of conformity for the entire European Union, the 800W nominal Dual Motor version is below the power limit established at 1000W nominal power in Spain and other European countries, in addition to having a 500W nominal Single Motor version, which adapts to any current regulations. It is also limited to 25 km/h from the factory, being able to deactivate / and reactivate (to circulate on private roads).


The ORNO MAX is equipped with 12 cm extra wide wheels, which are the widest in the electric scooter industry. Designed and manufactured exclusively for this model, and with its own patent, you will not see them in any other e-scooter on the market.

Solid tires, filled with a special compound based on urethane foam and other materials, which give it exceptional comfort and extreme durability.

Only wheels guaranteed to travel 30,000 thousand kilometers without having to change them, and without punctures.

The only solid wheel with "suspension", thanks to its high level of shock absorption.

Powerful Sports Electric Scooter, with only 25 Kg weight

The new engines developed by the Korean engineering of Mercane™, place the ORNO MAXas the most powerful scooter (with more torque), in its category.

The Dual Motor far exceeds the acceleration and climbing capacity of a conventional urban scooter, with its nominal 800W motor, and its UNSURPASSED maximum power of 1800W 🚀

This beautiful machine is capable of climbing slopes of up to 35º, while its competitors struggle to do the same on slopes of 10-15º.

Conceived to make the driver enjoy micro-mobility to the maximum, to offer a driving experience that only a true sports car like the ORNO MAX is capable of transmitting.

Y Those who do not need as much power, and do not need to climb very steep slopes, can opt for the Single Motor 400W nominal version, which is identical in everything else, and is a very stable and pleasant premium urban scooter. to drive.