Important information

The product warranty is a right that the law recognizes for consumers and that affects goods intended for private consumption.

The guarantee protects for a certain time against lack of conformity or defects existing at the time of the sale.

All our products, except for wear parts and the exceptions that we will list in the following section, have a 2-year legal guarantee, in accordance with current legislation, which covers against

According to the law after the first 6 months, the buyer must provide reliable evidence (it may be required a certificate issued by an accredited entity) that the product had a factory failure / non-conformity.

As a general rule, it is the seller of the product, who by law is obliged to meet the legal guarantee of the product during its validity. Although, it can also be covered by the manufacturer.

Exceptions that do not fall within the 2-year guarantee:

1.- Breakage, damage, and wear caused by normal use of the product.

2.- Wear parts: brake pads and discs, tires, bearings...

3.- Mudguards, plastic protectors and stand.

4. - Electronic elements susceptible to penetrating humidity and/or dust, or being manipulated: display controller.

5.- Spare parts.

For the items included in points 2 to 5, the customer has 3 days from receipt of the product to check that they are in perfect condition.

NOTICE:During the legal warranty period of 2 years, Ecosmart Riders reserves the right to cancel the warranty of any product that has been tampered with without its express authorization.


You must fill in the Technical Assistance and our technical department will contact you in the next 48 hours.

It will be essential to present a legal invoice, as well as a delivery note and any other document that proves the purchase.

And a copy of the ID of the person who made the purchase.