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Although all our products have been checked in our logistics warehouse before dispatch to guarantee their delivery in the best conditions, you have 72 hours to check that the item(s) received are in perfect condition, and your order includes all the requested products. After these 72 hours, the shipment will be considered accepted and claims for damages or failures with the shipment will not be accepted.

An order is considered delivered when the delivery receipt is signed by the customer.

In case of receiving a product damaged by transport, with obvious signs such as damage to the packaging , it is necessary to contact us within the first 24 hours, in order to claim the incident to the transport company.

Shipping costs will be refunded only when the error has occurred due to problems such as: wrong delivery of products, the item is deteriorated and/or damaged. As long as the customer requests a complete return of the order and is within the deadlines established in our Refund Policy. Only in In these cases, the total refund will be made, including shipping costs.

Shipping costs will be refunded only when the error has been caused by problems such as: wrong delivery of products, the item is deteriorated and/or damaged. As long as the customer requests a complete return of the order and is within the deadlines established in our Refund Policy. Only in In these cases, the total refund will be made, including shipping costs.

Electric Scooters

This will depend on the Member State of the European Union in which you reside, since many of them have their own legislation in this regard (such as Germany, Spain, and Italy), and the Municipal Ordinances.

We recommend that you get information from your Town Hall, and through local and national associations.

The European Union classifies electric scooters as PLEV's (personal light electric vehicles), and in Spain they are classified as Personal Mobility Vehicles; In all cases, the regulations clearly differentiate them from other motor vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, and establishing a series of requirements such as the speed limit (in most countries 25 km/h), and a series of characteristics techniques, which are common to all of them. In addition, according to the law on personal mobility vehicles, they must have the following documentation:

Obligation to have the EC Certificate of Conformity, and a Declaration of Conformity that must be issued and signed by the manufacturer or legal distributor with registered office in the European Union.

In this regard, the law is very clear, and an electric scooter that has been purchased through a market place from a non-EU supplier, even if it has a CE Certificate, or a CE sticker, will not be legal if it lacks of the Declaration of Conformity of a legal importer / distributor based in the European Union.

In Ecosmart Riders®, as legal importer and distributor throughout EuropeOf all the electric scooters that we sell, we provide our clients with the following documents:

- Certificate of Conformity of the CE marking, issued by the manufacturer.

- Declaration of Conformity, issued by Ecosmart Riders®

- Certificate for Circulation, with technical specifications and certificate of speed limitation to 25 km/h. Issued by Ecosmart Riders®

With these documents, as of 06/30/2021, you can legally circulate through the roads authorized for this purpose in Spain, and in a large part of the countries of member states of the European Union.

However, in other countries, it will depend on the type of scooter and/or the legislation in this regard.

In addition to these documents, it is possible that according to the Municipal Ordinance of the Municipality where you reside, you need to hire a liability insurance additional.

All our electric scooters come in their box with a instruction manual that must be read before using it for the first time, because it describes all the basic operations, and informs us of some precautions that we must take into account.

Besides If the instructions do not come in Spanishof manufactures, Ecosmart Riders produces another instruction manual in Spanish, and/or in other languages of the European Union (and if they do not have it, they can request it from us), so that all our clients can clearly read the instructions.

It is very important to carefully read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the control panel, the brakes, and carry out all the basic operations before driving on public roads.

An e-scooter does not require special maintenance, and unlike any other type of motor vehicle, its maintenance is very simple and will have practically no cost.

Here are some tips to optimize its performance:

- Screws: It is advisable both when receiving our e-scooter, and every 300 kilometers, to check and tighten the screws of our e-scooter. For this we will use allen keys and a screwdriver as appropriate.

- Cleaning and Lubrication: To clean the e-scooter, it is not recommended to use jet or pressurized water, as it could penetrate and damage its electrical elements. The best way is to clean it dry, with a damp cloth, or a wrung-out sponge, and a highly recommended option is to use natural glycerin (sold in pharmacies) dissolved in water and rub with a cloth.

It is advisable to clean all the crevices where dust and dirt accumulate, such as the cushioning. It is enough to pass a dry brush and remove all traces of dust.

It is also advisable to lubricate the folding system from time to time to avoid possible noise caused by friction, as well as damping.

- Brakes:You will need to check and adjust the brakes for the correct tension. And in the event that they have disc brake calipers, you will need to replace the brake caliper pads every so often (at least once a year).

- Battery:The Ion-Lithium battery of electric scooters suffers degradation with use, and it will be necessary after a while to replace it with a new one, which in normal circumstances will last more than 2 years. Although you may notice a small loss of power before you need to change it.


The battery is the "fuel tank" of your electric scooter. Stores power consumed by the DC motor, lights, controller(s) and other accessories.

Lithium-ion batteries have excellent energy density, the amount of energy stored per their physical weight. They also have excellent longevity, which means they can be discharged and recharged many times and still maintain their storage capacity.


A typical lithium ion battery will be able to handle 300 to 500 charge/discharge cycles before declining in capacity. For a standard electric scooter, this is 5,000 to 8,000 km! Note that "capacity drop" does not mean "lose all capacity", but a noticeable 10-20% drop that will continue to get worse.

In addition, in the case of the Batteries that mount the Ecosmart Riders premium e-scooter, the charging cycles increase from 600 to 1400 charging cycles! So you won't have to worry about changing your battery for several years.

On the other hand, bms systems that incorporate modern batteries help prolong battery life.


If you're interested in extending battery life as long as possible, there are a few things you can do to increase charge cycles:

Do not store your scooter fully charged or with the charger plugged in for long periods of time.
✓ Do not store the electric scooter fully discharged. Lithium-ion batteries degrade when they drop below 2.5V. Most manufacturers recommend storing scooters at 50% charge and recharging to this level periodically for very long-term storage.
Do not use the scooter battery at temperatures below 32ºC or above 45ºC.
Do not charge your battery for long periods of time unattended.Once the battery is fully charged, you should disconnect it from the charging cable. You must know the charging times of your battery and not exceed the maximum charging time indicated by the manufacturer. If you notice that the battery is taking much longer than specified to charge, the battery may be defective, or it may have reached the end of its useful life. At this point, you will probably need a replacement.

To know if an electric scooter, or any other electronic equipment is waterproof, we must know if it has IP certification based on the IEC 60529 standard and what degree of protection it has.

In the case of our e-scooters, their degree of certification / protection is IP54: water jets from any angle, with an average of 10 liters per minute.

This does not mean that they are completely hermetic, as today none are, although for marketing they are shown under jets of water, etc. In fact, nothing will happen once, but if humidity accumulates in areas where it shouldn't, we will have problems in the medium-long term, because water and humidity can be a great enemy of our e-scooter.

For this reason, we recommend not exposing it to heavy rain, or exposing it to rain for too long in the event that it rains while we are driving. And the reality is that from the point of view of our own safety, it is not very advisable to ride a scooter on very rainy days.

Always remember that the guarantee does not cover breakdowns caused by penetration of water, and/or any liquid.

Get in touch with our Technical assistance service, and we will be happy to help you.

The contact is made through our website, through the link that we have left you, or by entering from the main menu - support - technical assistance.

It is essential that you fill out the form, and wait for our technicians to contact you in the next 24-48 hours.


In accordance with current Legislation, you have a period of 14 calendar days from receipt of the product to withdraw, without the need to justify such a decision and without penalty of any kind, the product and its accessories must be in perfect condition. To do this, the conditions set forth in Our Return Policy must be met, at the following link: 

return policy

We advise you to contact us through our email:, or at the customer service telephone number: +(34) 968 068 256 to cancel your order.

In the event that the order has left our warehouses, you can refuse delivery and/or return the order.

You can find more information at return policy or contact us and we will inform you.

The law establishes a withdrawal period of 14 calendar days from when you received the product, in order to exercise your right to return.

For this, it is essential that the product/s be in perfect condition, with all its accessories and in the original packaging, unused, and as it was delivered.

To facilitate the process, we have enabled the section Returns, where you only have to fill out a form and follow the instructions indicated.

Once your return is accepted, we will send you an email to notify you that we have received your returned item. Your refund will be processed immediately. The return will be made by the same means that you paid. Please check after 48-72 hours the return. If after this period of time you have not received your refund, please contact us.

Please contact our Customer service department, and we will try to give you the most appropriate solution.