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Nuestra Historia

Ecosmart Riders was born in 2019, after a long process of developing the business model, innumerable product tests, and selecting the best partners, with a clear goal: ​​contributing to a more sustainable society by betting on the new micro electric mobility.
At the end of 2019 we started importing and distributing the first e-scooters of the already mythical Mercane WideWheel, and since then, we have continued to distribute our products to a large part of the countries that make up the European economic area (Spain, Italy , Austria, Germany, France, Portugal, Denmark, etc.).

Since our beginnings, we have had a very clear goal: to offer a unique product in terms of design and innovation: something that provides differential value and a note of distinction to what can be found in sales channels, and always betting on products of exceptional quality.

We are very proud to offer citizens of the 21st century, committed to ecology and lovers of new sustainable forms of urban electric mobility, a new type of personal mobility vehicle that is a true alternative to the traditional vehicle. Powerful, safe, comfortable, compact, and 100% sustainable.

¿Qué nos Diferencia?


En un mundo globalizado, dónde hay cientos de productos iguales, nos centramos en ofrecer e-scooters premium únicos y exclusivos:

✓ Diseño único

✓ Innovación Tecnológica

✓ Calidad Premium

✓ Máxima Fiabilidad

✓ Mejor Performance

✓ Precio altamente competitivo

Servicio Integral

Gestionamos todas las fases de la cadena de distribución:

✓ Selección e Importación

✓ Operaciones Logísticas y Almacenamiento

✓ Venta y Distribución Internacional

✓ Servicio Técnico Post Venta