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Wheel and Hub Motor Set | Mercane WideWheel Pro & 2018

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Original Mercane® complete set that includes the wheel and motor hub, valid for the Mercane WideWheel Pro electric scooter and the Mercane WideWheel (first version, year 2018-2019).

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It is recommended to replace the wheel and motor after a while (a few years, this depends on the use we give it), because a lot of moisture, dirt, etc. accumulates inside the wheel (hub motor), which adds to the Tire wear greatly reduces the quality and operating safety of our e-scooter. Furthermore, replacing the tire without changing the engine hub would entail thorough internal cleaning of the entire engine hub, and changing the bearings, so that the engine can continue to function correctly. This means having to carry out the operation in the workshop if specialized tools are not available, and a high cost for labor hours, so it may be more profitable to do a complete change and take the used engine to a repair center. waste authorized for recycling, in addition to gaining safety by having new tires.