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Fork Reinforcement | Mercane WideWheel 2018-19

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The fork reinforcement is an upgrade manufactured by Mercane for the Mercane WideWheel electric scooters of the years 2018 and 2019.

This upgrade consists of a piece made of steel, which is placed on the fork of the scooter, and serves as a reinforcement. In this way, we managed to reinforce the most sensitive part of our electric scooter, since it is the one that supports all the weight, and increase the maximum load to 120 Kg.

Do you want to use your e-scooter on rough terrain? now you can install the fork reinforcement to your Mercane WideWheel and you will be able to do it.
Our upgrade made of hardened steel, will improve the strength and durability of our e-scooter fork.
The Mercane WideWheel is powerful enough and is recommended for a maximum weight of 100 kg, but thanks to our accessory we can use it on rougher terrain than usual. Providing greater durability.

Not required for regular use.